Bug-Details page permutations

This simple layout has narrow-buttons on the left and a top-nav all sharing the same negative space. Content stretches fluidly all the way to the right. It’s hard to make this look good on 1920×1200, since you *NEVER* see a paragraph of text stretching that far. Thats No-No #1 of pretty much all web-design of the past 10 years: no paragraph of text should be longer than about 50 characters. But since generating vertical columns is still a shady-art, I’m trying to make it work the best I can.

ScreenShot075 ScreenShot076 ScreenShot077 ScreenShot078 ScreenShot079 ScreenShot080 ScreenShot081

Gigantic headlines aren’t as easy to make as Mashable and Medium make it seem.

ScreenShot083 ScreenShot084

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