Basic fluid-responsiveness

A simple attempt at making the page responsive by detaching it from the margins, centering, and making it resize to fit the browser with fluidity (% of the browser width).


Little blue edit-button, nice and clear call to action for modifying the bug-report.



Dedicated thumbnails column looks good when there is a lot of text content. Highlighted headline? A little much.ScreenShot087

LOVE this byline technique: a history of the bug-report’s state-changes inlined with color-coding, symmetry, and good horizontal rhythm. You can see who wrote the bug-report, and how it’s progressing in one style and one place. Having it in one repeating style also helps make it disappear into the background while reading.ScreenShot088 ScreenShot089 ScreenShot090 ScreenShot091

Negative-space comments? Ew ScreenShot092

I like the layout below and it’s visual style. But it still doesn’t have that pop high-design startup site look.


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