So what’s up with the G train?

This is the continuation of Does the G train suck?

gtraintruth (blog comments)
The problem with the G train is that they frequently skip trains. It’s not at all uncommon to find yourself waiting for 20 minutes between trains in the times when it is scheduled to run every 8-10 minutes. The idea of a G train schedule is a joke.
scarecrowbar (reddit)
Another problem is the scheduling – G trains are scheduled to come 4-5 times an hour compared to 7-8 times an hour on a lot of other lines. Even if there are no problems, it’s hardly running frequently.
shadowbannedlol (reddit)
This article just made me realize you can wait 16 minutes for a G train and the MTA considers it on-time. That is why the G train sucks.

So, do G Trains run less frequently than other trains?

Using MTA’s Schedule PDFs, below are the average intervals between trains during hours that people go to work, go home, and find themselves looking for a train late at night (worst case).


The G train is scheduled to arrive as often as the rest. Even at 1AM the G is supposed to run every 20 minutes, just like the rest. (except for the B which doesn’t run nights or weekends)

Fine, but how well do the trains keep to their schedules?

Let’s look at the most recent MTA’s OTP results.

OTP is the percent of trains making all the scheduled station stops arriving at the destination terminal on-time, early or no more than five minutes late. Trains re-routed, abandoned or operating under temporary schedule changes are all counted as late. This is a new indicator that New York City Transit began reporting in August 2008.


The G is held under the same standard as the other trains in these graphs. Around 90% of the time the trains are less than 5 minutes late. And the G is on time as often as the rest.

Update: Thanks for all the great feedback! I’m using them to try and quantify “service disruption pain”. This will take some time!

3 thoughts on “So what’s up with the G train?

  1. The other trains (apart from the L) have other lines running across the platform servicing many of the same stops – the L, mercifully, displays the ETA.

  2. You responded to my post with this one. However – what about the 1,2 and 3 trains – as well as the 4,5,6 trains? These trains come more regularly during rush hour, etc, right?

  3. The 1-6 trains do run on diff schedules. I want to get to the entire system eventually.. but there’s a LOT of data to go through.. it’s long tedious work :)

    And @p yeah, I love the ETA displays. Wish every station had it!

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