A pronunciation guide of math names

As a programmer you learn a lot of foreign names as you branch off into the various sub-fields in your endless journey to create.
Here’s how to pronounce some of the harder names you run into when building a game engine:

Euler: oil-er
Poisson: pwah-son
Fourier: fuh-ri-eee
L’Hopital: low-pee-tal
De Moivre: duh-mwa-vruh
Poincare: pwah-kah-ray (good luck)
Dijkstra: deg-k-stra
Galois: ga-lu-wah

I love this audio pronunciations database. Its a great idea: letting various people record pronunciations. So you can find an authentic pronunciation by a native speaker for almost any language. I wonder if this could be converted into a CAPTCHA test of some sort..

2 thoughts on “A pronunciation guide of math names

  1. Dijkstra is dike-stra, not deg-k-stra ;)

  2. I think the world needs this little webpage ;)

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