Basic privacy controls for Quips

Yep. Public and Private toggles for your quips! If you enable the lock, the quip will disappear from the home-feed. Only you will be able to see it and only in your own feed. Deployed and live!

One tactic for constructing positive feedback that is so easy, it may surprise you!

This tactic is so good that you can use it to prevent negative self-dialogue, to help your friends, and to provide positive encouraging constructive feedback to your peers and coworkers. It’s so obvious that once you hear it, you will never forget it!

Lessons from Peopleware

Quality is something you have to invest in every day, you can’t fake it.

Bringing Ogg/Vorbis encoding to Chrome’s Audio API

Firefox can pull your silky voice in over a microphone and generate Ogg/Vorbis. This format is small enough to allow anyone to upload 3 minutes of audio in as long as it takes to send a large photo by email. Chrome however, only gives us PCM data. So what you gonna do? Spend an hour …

Integrating Chrome’s Clockwork into your web-app

Clockwork is a sweet addon to Chrome’s Dev Tools panel. It shows logs and performance metrics from your server and integrates into almost any backend. I’ll walk through a custom PHP integration.

Page Execution Scheduler

A search for great performance visualization!

Working with your Windows Box after your GPU hangs

Every 2-3 weeks the PC would reboot while waking from S3-sleep. My database and web-server VMs would not get a chance to shutdown cleanly. It was a problem. After eliminating the obvious suspects, I resorted to desperate measures..

The dark matter of software

My rule of thumb is that for every 100 unhappy users, 1 will leave a negative comment. For every 50 negative comments, 1 user will submit a proper bug report. The corollary being that for every 1 bug report, there are 5,000 users who quietly walked away from your product. Considering that 25% of users will …

Loving WPF and Visual Studio is easy

Meet XAML, the view templating, stylesheet and animation describing, event triggering, and callback firing markup beast.

Imagine Sass + EmberScript (MVC aware CoffeeScript) + Mustache + LiveReload + Guard watching and refreshing changes to files made by your IDE. That’s XAML-level of zen!

Extracting Icons

I started building a little icon-dock to improve on the Windows taskbar. But nothing is ever easy. So I spent the last few days searching for the best way to extract icons from open applications.

And not just any icons, but large (128px-256px) beautiful icons. In an automated universal way.